It is our first ‘Style Not Age’ challenge of 2019 and we are showcasing our January Jumpers!

Jumpers are possibly the single most versatile item of clothing in our wardrobes. A jumper/sweater can be worn on its own next to the skin, or over a shirt or tee. It looks great with jeans and trousers. It is often paired with a skirt, or culottes. Jumpers can be worn under slip dresses to make them more wearable in the cold and you can alternately throw a jumper over a dress (like I did below) to give it a totally different vibe.


Yes, the jumper is definitely a staple item and let us see how my ‘Style Not Age’ gang got on with this month’s challenge.

Look at Jacqui’s lovely pink cashmere from F&F, a present from her husband. Good job, hubby. Find out more on Mummabstylish.

And Emma looks wonderfully funky in her jumper and quirky hat. I am heading over to read more about her outfit on TheStyleSplash, because I also want to know where she got those boots.

Anna of Anna’s Island Style (whose challenge this is) has been working with JDwilliams in South Africa on their new ad campaign and has just made it back in time to send us her fab jumper pic. You will have to head over to her post to find out more.

I thought I would share with you some of my favourites from my closet, before showing you the lovely but totally impractical January jumper I just bought.

I am a jumper and jeans girl, particularly since I retired. There is nothing I like better than a long jumper over skinny jeans and boots. I sometimes vary this by using a long shirt under a shorter jumper. If I am wearing skinny jeans, the bum needs coverage; that’s a given! The Aran-style jumper below is from Primark and was part of our ‘Keen as Mustard’ challenge recently.

If I wear wide trousers, that calls for a neater jumper on top. The jumper below is from Coast and I was shopping my wardrobe for our ‘Frillseekers’ challenge about six months ago.

I am particularly fond of the cold shoulder and will continue to wear them even if they don’t remain on trend. The pink is from River Island and has seen plenty of action; below I am acting the maggot on top of a climbing frame in a playground.

I also like the jumper dress and the black one below is from iconic Irish label Magee and is so cosy and non-itchy too, by the way.

And last week I fell in love with this jumper (below) from local boutique Ology, particularly because of the back detail, though it is so cold at the moment it might be a while before it gets worn. The photos below were taken purely for this post and it was COLD. Wearing my Zara skinny jeans and old boots from Carl Scarpa, it was a case of ‘Graham take the shots and let’s go’! Freezing my butt off for the ‘Style Not Age’ challenge. What a pro!

Thanks for reading.

Hilda x