Hello. My name is Hilda and I am a technophobe! There I have admitted it…I have a fear of technological things. Already I feel better for sharing.


When I was a teacher, I relied on pupils to work the video cassette recorder (showing my age now!) and then the DVD player. I retired before my classroom got a computer and before end-of-term reports would need to be written on a keyboard, so I remained computer-illiterate..

Even at home I’m hopeless when it comes to appliances. I still haven’t worked out how to pre-set the oven (we have it about twelve years) and the defrost button on the microwave keeps trying to upset me. And Netflix seems to need three different ‘thingies’ or gadgets to get going, so further confusion there!


The family PC scared me. I was terrified I would break it or erase files, but gradually I learned a few things like reading and sending emails, researching material on the internet and even playing ‘No Fear’ bridge online…all with my right hand locked on to the mouse and pressing the keys with the index finger of my left hand!

My announcement that I wanted to start a blog ‘for the more mature woman’ was greeted with much amusement by husband and daughters. But after months of everyone else doing the menial stuff – GG would type my handwritten notes, Kirstin (who developed the site in the first place) would upload photos and images and Courtney would provide design and creative advice – a laptop was acquired and the whole process of learning to use it got going.

After some exasperation at my inadequacy, I eventually made headway and can now do almost everything by myself…with the help of detailed, written instructions, of course.

Imagine my utter despair then last week when my website was attacked and all of my posts were infected with a virus. This was like my baby. I loved looking at it every evening and seeing how many more people had read my latest post. I loved the comments and feedback. Despite suggestions from some technically savvy people, it looked like there was no hope and I would have to start from scratch again.

As a last resort, I put out a call for help on FB and immediately a former pupil, Simon Stewart of IT specialists Cloud Nine Consulting, got in touch and with his expertise and a lot of work he saved everything. I was back in business, so I decided that in my next post (this one) I would give him a ‘shout-out’. I believe that’s what you call it. So take a look at their website – http://www.cloudnine.ie – they deal with all things IT and website related and they are obviously brilliant at it!


So while I can manage to type, edit and upload my posts, I am still no Steve Jobs, but I’m getting there, but for the time I’ll leave GG to work the Netflix and I can call on my talented past pupil if I have a technical emergency. So nothing really changes after all.