Urban Decay Eyeshadows are not my usual go-to choice when it comes to my eyes. Maybe it is because I consider the brand to be aimed at a younger, a much younger, market.

But my daughter had left this very attractive ‘petite palette’ out waiting to be borrowed and it was small enough to fit in my handbag. I was rushing out the door to catch a train with no time to ‘do’ my eyes and I was meeting a friend for lunch, who was always picture perfect.

So what was I to do? I had to take it.

I must say it looks very attractive. Small and elegant and with a nice size mirror, I was made-up! See what I did there? But I was no sooner on the train when I realised that she had not even used it. Could I? Should I?

I liked the shades. I would certainly use most of them. Of the six, one was shimmery (Inhale) and the rest were matte, ranging from light shades to a reddish brown.

Shades Included:
Inhale (cream demi-matte)
Vibrate (soft nude matte)
Hot Spell (terra-cotta matte)
Wild Thing (scorched-orange matte)
Heist (rich cayenne matte)

The names convinced me that I was not the target market, though I used to be a ‘Wild Thing’ when I was younger!

But there certainly was enough to create a sultry look or even a normal ME look, which I did. There was plenty of choice for the lid, the crease and for lining the eye.

They went on easily, they lasted the day and I was happy. That is due to the fact that they contain some serious pigmentation , which means they won’t fade. I probably would not rush out to buy them, because the colours are a little too ‘HOT’ for me, though I do sizzle a little on occasion. But they were perfectly ok to borrow for a day.

What I liked was:

1 The velvety texture made the shadows easy to blend.

2  The compact size makes it perfect for travelling.

3 The case is attractive.

So yes, I can wear Urban Decay eye-shadows.

And so, can you, if you can borrow from your daughter; otherwise (costs €32) you will have to buy your own.