wexford harbourWexford, a Viking town in the south-east of Ireland, has always been a favourite of ours and we spent a pleasant few days there recently. We stayed at The Ferrycarraig Hotel about four kilometres outside the  town centre.

The Ferrycarraig Hotel

We booked our hotel through a discount online  site and it seemed to be a good deal. The hotel is beautifully situated on the River Slaney and when Graham phoned a few weeks earlier to book dinner in their restaurant, he also asked that we could have a room with a view of the river. We were informed that all the rooms had a view. Brilliant, we thought.

To say we were disappointed with the room we were initially given would be an understatement. It was on the ground floor, it was dark and had a damp smell (the sun was shining) and there was a view if you craned your neck and hung out the window.

GG is not good at complaining and I don’t  normally bother unless I am really annoyed. Up I went down the long corridor and up the lift to reception at level 3, ready to have an argument.


ME: Hello, I am not happy with my room…… details as above.

LOVELY RECEPTIONIST: Well let me see if I have another. Yes, we have one on the 4th floor. Would you like to have a look?

I did and what a difference 3 floors make. The room was much bigger, bright, with more furniture and had a spacious balcony.

We moved up.



It was good, what you would expect in an establishment like this, nice breads, fresh fruits, pre-cooked bacon etc in those large dishes. However, there was no opportunity to order freshly cooked omelettes etc. which I would expect in a 4-star hotel.


What a pleasant surprise. Dinner in Reed’s Restaurant was exceptional.  Graham and I sat looking out at the Slaney (must be beautiful in the summer) and ate from the table d’hote menu. Beautifully presented, delicious food delighted the taste buds. This was better food than many top restaurants and at a reasonable €40 for a 3-course meal.

So yes, Ferrycarraig redeemed itself.

The Best of the Rest

The Yard

We had dinner at this restaurant in the heart of Wexford town on night two. The food was good, the service friendly and the toilets were unusual (to say the least), with tiling that could have featured in Alice in Wonderland. Definitely worth a visit.

Graham could not resist one of their speciality desserts – Chocolate Cola Cake with Salted Caramel Gelato (below)

Trimmer’s Lane Cafe

We had delicious coffee and scones in this very popular and busy cafe.


A lunch of soup and beautiful breads in the restaurant adjoining their delicatessen was delicious.

We had unseasonably sunny weather in February and walked everywhere. The walk along the stunning harbour watching the seagulls and the fishing boats was uplifting and we also enjoyed wandering around the lovely winding streets in Wexford town.

The lovely beach at Curracloe is worth a walk and we have taken the very scenic drive to Hook Head before. The day we were leaving there was a traditional music festival beginning. Of course, The Wexford Opera Festival is one of the highlights of the year and a very busy time for the local hotels and restaurants.

One of the highlights of our visit this time was a morning spent in The National Heritage Park and the post will be up soon.

So, would I return to The FerryCarraig? Yes, but I would book through the hotel next time. I discovered that they do pretty good deals, particularly off-season. It is possible that when you book through a discount site (like we did) that you do not get the best rooms.

I have learned by my mistake. Don’t make the same one. But yes, I would return to Wexford and the Ferrycarraig again.