Cleopatra and I have much in common.  I did date an Italian for a short time but it’s not that, so you will have to read to the end to find out what it is. Don’t dare skip!

Recently, I was sent some Rose Water Toner to try out by Irish Company Ultrapure. They obviously did not realise that I am already a fan and have been using it for well over a year. I had mentioned it before, but that was in the early days of the blog before I understood the use of ‘tags’ so it languishes there practically unnoticed in the middle of a skincare post.


I am always searching for the best skincare routine and in the last few years have noticed a huge change in my skin. It has become very dry and therefore more prone to wrinkles. Yes, I am getting older and I know it is normal. But I also realised that I needed to change my products. What suited for a few years no longer worked for me. My cleanser was the first to go and in searching for the right one, I discarded many as being too drying. Eventually, the answer was in my own kitchen cupboard. Coconut oil was perfect for removing all make-up, even the most stubborn mascara.

But I then needed a toner that would not be too astringent or drying. I had given up on toners until I found this Rose Water by Ultrapure, when I was searching for witch hazel (another story) in a local chemist. It is amazing what you find when you are looking for something else.rose2128

I liked the name…Ultra Pure…I liked the packaging…I liked the price and so I purchased.

1 It is perfect for removing any residual make-up following my cleanser

2 It helps maintain the skin’s PH balance

3 It is not drying or astringent…like other toners, and the subtle rose fragrance is divine

4 It is hydrating and moisturising

5 My skin feels clean but not tight

6 It helps tighten pores

7 It is a perfect anti-oxidant and can strengthen skin cells

8 Put in a spritzer bottle and use to freshen up or wake up

9 Put some on cotton pads, leave in fridge to cool and pop under your eyes to help with bags or dark circles

10 Mix a few drops with body or hand cream for added pzazz and it can also be used as a hair conditioner, I believe

I did a little research on the Irish, family-owned Mayo company when they kindly sent me the sample and was impressed with their mission statement to use ‘the purest of ingredients’ to ‘deliver real lasting skincare benefits’. As I said, I have been using this product (and many others from their company) for a long time now and will continue to do so.


And so back to Cleo.

Cleopatra loved it seemingly and used it on her face, and she also bathed in it. (It was her Sunday ritual and used when a certain Roman was visiting and she wanted her skin to be silky smooth. The asses’ milk was only for ordinary weekdays.) I do not have access to Cleopatra’s handmaidens to collect the amount of petals needed for a bath, (GG will only do so much without complaining) so I will continue to use it on my face and recommend it to others. Unlike most other beauty products, this one is really suitable for everybody, your mum, your daughter, even your brother or husband.  Send me some more Ulta Pure please…I know lots of my friends would love it, or I might just save it all for a bath and come out smelling of roses, just like Cleo.