Not many parents get to watch their future son-in-law propose to their daughter…..but that’s exactly what GG and I got to witness recently. Our daughter Kirsty has been going out with Mark for nearly four years. They met through amateur musicals and so it was fitting that the proposal took place in a theatre, in this case the iconic Olympia Theatre in Dublin (Ireland), in front of a small group of friends and family.

With the help of our other daughter Courtney, her boyfriend (also called Mark) and four musical friends (Orla, Steve, Aoife and Damien), Mark had planned a musical proposal based on their “courtship”. (I know I am showing my age now; that word went out with the ark).

Mark had got Kirsty there on the pretext of a backstage tour of the theatre with another couple on a Friday afternoon. They were on a kind of a magical mystery tour and all had just had manicures…..this guy thinks of everything. Little did she know what awaited her. They were greeted at the stage door by Aoife (obviously in on the “act”) who brought them through to the auditorium and asked them to sit and wait until some others arrived for the ‘tour’ also.MarkKirst-50

Mark being his usual effervescent self, bounded onto the stage and Kirsty sat there, thinking he was acting the fool and would get them kicked out. The story of boy meets girl began and Kirsty sat and watched, wondering what was happening and realised gradually that Mark was telling their story and her friends were acting it out. The play/musical told of their first meeting (not very promising) their first date and so on. Emotionally, Mark called Kirstin (his leading lady) to the stage, as the others exited and asked her to be his wife.MarkKirst-172

Both families hiding in the dress circle clapped and cheered as Kirsty accepted. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Even GG, the old softy, had a tear or two. The celebrations continued in the wonderful Fiorentina restaurant on Parliament Street. Exhausted with keeping the secret for nearly two months, GG and I hit the hay early …with all the excitement too much for oldies like us!MarkKirst-313

Thanks to Evan Doherty for capturing the magical day with his camera and professional eye.