I stopped making New Year resolutions years ago, because I never managed to last more than a few days. But this year I might make an exception. I try to stay as healthy as possible through diet, supplements and exercise. Those of you who have read my previous posts know that I swear by my lemon, ginger and hot water drink every morning to kick-start my system! It has numerous other health benefits also.

I love my green juice a few times a week and we include plenty of fish and vegetables in our diet. I have never smoked, but both GG and I enjoy a gin and tonic and a few glasses of wine. Christmas and the lead-up have seen our livers take a bit of a battering, so we were determined to refrain from alcoholic beverages for January.

But then I read about the connection between champagne and Alzheimer’s. Seemingly, if you drink three glasses of champagne a week it can help to reduce your chances of getting the horrific disease. Initially, some reports had it that it was three glasses a day and others three bottles a week.  I felt that neither my liver nor my bank balance could cope with three bottles a week. You see, it has to be champagne; forget prosecco or cava. It is something to do with the grape variety; the Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes are the superheroes of the grape world.

When I researched it some more and realised it was only up to three glasses a week, my interest was re-ignited. One bottle a week between the two of us would do it. I have to look after GG too, of course.

Before any of you raise your eyes to heaven and think I’m off my rocker, let me explain. Scientists at Reading University in the UK carried out the experiments on rats, some of whom were given a small amount of champagne with their food. After six weeks of regular consumption, the rats who had the champagne showed improvement in their cognitive functioning. In other words, their memories improved substantially. This means that the phenol compounds found in champagne can improve spatial memory and can alter a number of proteins known to be depleted with age.

They are now looking into moving the study on to the next step – humans. So, maybe I will make a New Year’s resolution after all. Drinking three glasses of champagne a week should be easy enough and that’s one resolution I think I could keep!  I wonder if I would have to move to Reading….??