While I was in college, I lived on bread, packet soup and mince. I drank cheap red wine and went from being a fit, sporty schoolgirl to a slothful heavy adult.

When I started teaching, I returned to sport and eating more healthily. My weight dropped and I regained my shape. But if I’m totally honest, it is always a concern – I like food and wine too much – that’s my problem!


However, I have a routine for the past 15 years or so which certainly helps. My day begins with a large glass of warm water with lemon and grated ginger, brought to me by GG while I lie in bed reading! (Well, in bed since I retired…before that it was while dressing for work!).

Even when I’m away I make sure to bring a lemon, ginger and small grater with me!lemon and ginger



There are numerous health benefits:

  • It eliminates toxins from the body and helps to kick-start the digestive system ( I can certainly vouch for this!)
  • It activates blood circulation, improves skin tone and supposedly improves overall radiance
  • It helps boost your immune system (despite having a very low white blood cell count, I rarely get colds)
  • Lemon and ginger both have anti-inflammatory properties (arthritis in both my big toes causes no pain yet!)

Lemon contains high levels of potassium and vitamin C, is a strong anti-oxidant and a mild diuretic, so helps support the kidneys and liver in flushing out toxins. Ginger also has anti-bacterial properties.


  • Squeeze some lemon into a pint glass as you want
  • Grate ginger (again quantity to suit your own taste) but approximately teaspoon)
  • Pour boiling water over the mixture and allow to cool.
  • Then enjoy!

I guarantee you will become as obsessed with this as I am when you see the benefits!