Romantic Goth


Emma’s theme of Gothic Romance is perfect for Halloween Week. I am more of a Romantic than a Goth in my style but I did enjoy the challenge. It certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone.

I chose a local graveyard for my backdrop, within my 5k radius in a really beautiful setting looking out on the golf course of Portmarnock Hotel. It was a cold day and it is a little walk in from the road. I needed my padded coat.


The dress was an impulsive purchase in a sale about three years ago and has never been worn. I loved the lace detail, but in truth so much black does not suit me. I got the slip shortened, thinking it would make a difference. It does help to highlight the lace.

Romantic Goth details

Seemingly black long dresses with lots of lace and flowing sleeves are pretty typical of the ‘Romantic Goth’.  Think Victorian style. Though deep red and dark purple are also popular.

Anyway, for the purposes of this, I decided to style with a pair of studded boots, giving it an edgier look.

Romantic Goth in graveyard


While I might not be a true aficionado of the Romantic Goth style, I am like them in their love of reading, particularly classics like ‘Wuthering Heights’ and ‘Jane Eyre’. Both of these books fulfil the necessary qualities of romance, tragedy and drama. Supernatural themes are also popular and I do admit to reading and quite enjoying ‘The Twilight Series’ by Stephanie Meyers. I wanted to see why so many of my former pupils (the girls) loved them so much.

Let us look at my ‘Style Not Age’ friends:

Gail decided that her blond hair did not suit the theme, so went off to Tesco to get a black wig. I love her Victorian style blouse and lacy skirt.  You need to pop over to isthismutton to learn more.

Anna is suitably dressed in a black floaty dress with billowing sleeves. And look at those lacy sock boots. Head over to annaislandstyle to see what Anna has been doing.

Jacqui also went all black but I do see pops of red in lipstick, nails and boots. And there is a choker peeping out too. Head over to mummabstylish to find out more.

Jacqui Gothic Romance

And Emma, who selected this month’s theme, looks barely recognisable in her outfit (below). If you want to know where she got that dress and see more of those boots, you will have to head across to Style Splash.

Again we have all been on the same wavelength in our black Victoriana style. Only Gail added some white to lighten the  atmosphere.

This has been a fun theme and was a welcome break from Lockdown 2 in Ireland. We are back to a 5km-from-home limit and all but essential shops are closed, restaurants and hotels too. We got through it last March because we had summer ahead. But with winter facing us now, it is a struggle to remain optimistic. But remain optimistic we must.

‘If winter comes can Spring be far behind?’  Shelley