I am feeling just peachy thank you, well Peachy Lean to be exact in my new leggings.

The older I get, the more difficult it is for me to find leggings which give support, leggings that make me feel good, never mind look good too.

These leggings (a mixture of nylon and spandex) give seriously good support. What I particularly love about them is the fact that they are high-waisted. Most of my readers probably agree that there comes a time in your life when only high-waisted will do.

And let us talk about quality. Another excellent selling point is the fact that they are not transparent. There is no need to wear a long t-shirt or top to cover the bum or anything else.  ‘

In my opinion, one of the biggest crimes against fashion is see-through leggings.  Come on, you know exactly what I am talking about!  Well, worry no more, your knickers or nether regions will not be on show when you do your squats or your downward dog, or your shopping. Yes, we sometimes pop into the shops on our way back from a walk or a yoga class.

The story behind the leggings is inspirational and Peachy Lean designer and founder Sharon Keegan is already making a name for herself.

The idea for her business came during her lowest ebb; she had just been made redundant at the age of 33 when her son Liam was six months old.  Depressed, feeling she needed to do something for herself, she headed to the gym.

There, she talked to women who bemoaned the fact that they felt self-conscious in their unsupportive gym gear and many did not stick with their training.

So, she had a lightbulb moment to design workout leggings that would give women of every size the confidence to continue with their training and make them feel strong in every way again.


‘My idea was to design a pair of support leggings that shapes every lady’s body, no matter what size they are, and holds them is all the right places – hips, bums and tums.’

Peachy Lean is now an international brand, selling extremely colourful leggings across the world and helping women every day with self-confidence and self-esteem.  I can honestly say that these are the best workout leggings I have ever had.  And they wash fantastically well and do not lose their elasticity. I chose the plain black from the current collection, deciding I will leave the more colourful designs to the younger generation.

With high hopes of getting back to a yoga or pilates class soon (dicky knee), I am looking forward to showing them off in my warrior position, or even my downward dog.

So if you want to feel peachy, get yourself some Peachy Lean.

Oh and there is a special discount for my readers


Happy Shopping.