I am a fan of some of Charlotte Tilbury’s products: for example, her Wonderglow and her Light Wonder. In fact, I wrote a review of both of them here.  And I think they are reasonably good value for money.

I think she does make-up really well, but her Magic day cream and night cream do not particularly impress me.

A few months ago, I indulged in a pot of ‘Eyes to Mesmerise’. I had wandered into a department store in Dublin (Arnotts) and my eye make-up looked pretty dull. (I usually use a blend of beige and different browns) and I was meeting my beloved GG for dinner.

What do you do when you need a top-up? You go to a make-up counter and get it done for free. Go on, admit it; I know you all do it too. So, in I popped to the Charlotte Tilbury counter and told them I was not the best when it came to applying eye shadow and I needed something quick and easy.

Anyway, one of the lovely girls produced this pot of shimmering gold. I immediately shrieked in horror, remonstrating that I thought I was too old for metallic. She reassured me that if I disliked it she would redo it.

In a minute or two, she had transformed my eyes and I was converted.  She just put some over the shadow I was already wearing. Needless to say, Marie Antoinette came home with me. Yes, that was the name of the magic pot.

It is not a harsh gold metallic but in Charlotte Tilbury’s own words  ‘it is an antique oyster gold hue inspired by the hypnotising beauty of the Queen of France’.

Needless to say, I bought it, but it is not a purchase I regret and I use it all the time.

Reasons to Love:

1 It is easy to apply with your finger or brush.

2 It does not pull at the delicate eyelid area because it glides on easily.

3 You can use it on its own for a subtle effect.

4 You can apply it over different colour powder eyeshadows for a more dramatic look.

5 You can set it with a powder shadow if you wish. I don’t as I prefer the translucency.

6 It has Vitamin E which hydrates.

7 It actually has a cooling effect on the eyes.

8 It stays on all day.

9 The pot, though small, seems to last for ever.

Reasons Not to Love:

1 It can crease a little, but I don’t use a primer and it could also be my droopy eyes. Seriously, I could do with an eye lift!!

2 It is €26.

So maximum impact for minimum effort with Marie Antoinette (picture of the inspiration for the product above) and my eyes have never looked so good. Seriously, if like me you suck at applying eye-shadow (and even if you don’t), get yourself a magic pot.

Now, as long as I can keep my head, my eyes will mesmerise.