There has been some controversy in the media at the moment about Peaches Geldof’s widower, Tom Cohen, dating fashion model Daisy Lowe. You see, Daisy was a very close friend of Peaches and some people consider it too soon for him to move on – others think it inappropriate. The panellists on “Loose Women” on UTV discussed it recently and opinions were mixed.

I see it as the perfect answer. Both were obviously devastated; he was angry, confused and lonely, having lost his wife and mother of his two boys; she had lost her close friend. They were united in grief and soon that friendship turned to love. She knew Peaches; she knows the boys. If the relationship develops, Peaches’ memory will be kept alive in their home. The children will have a new mother; Tom will have another chance to love and be loved.30A6679E00000578-0-image-a-1_1453967709298

Then the “Loose Women” panellists’ discussion took another turn.  This was the scenario. If you died and your husband found happiness with a friend of yours, would you give the relationship your blessing? Obviously we have to suspend our disbelief here!

It is something I have thought about. When first married, I was adamant that if I died and GG found happiness with someone else, I would haunt him forever! I would be that mischievous poltergeist hiding the keys and making strange noises during the night!  But that was when I was young and foolish. Maturity and life’s lessons have given me a new perspective. I wouldn’t mind. First of all, I’d be dead, so I would be past caring.

Secondly, good people deserve to be happy and I would not like to think of GG on his own, as he is a very sociable person. He would end up talking to himself, (he loves to talk) or he would store it all up until he met someone and then he wouldn’t stop. I can visualise him chasing people around the village for a chat.

Of course, I hope we have many, many more happy years together. But if we don’t, then he has my ‘permission’ (not that he would need it) to move on. I know plenty of people in second relationships, the partner having died and all of them feel blessed to have found love and companionship again. I read somewhere that you are more likely to marry again if you had a happy marriage first time. It makes sense.

How would I feel if that new love was a friend of mine? That is a more difficult question, but I have heard of dying wives organising their husbands’ futures. I have some lovely friends and, after all, I know him better than anyone. So maybe that can be my new project – find a suitable partner for GG, just in case I die first. Obviously, I am not serious as there would be nobody quite good enough!!!!

What do you think?  Do you have strong feelings on the subject?