‘Nothing is so beautiful as Spring

When weeds in wheels, shoot long and lovely and lush’

You may be familiar with Gerard Manley Hopkins’ poem which captures the vibrant fertility of the season perfectly. And if you are a gardener (unlike me), you are probably all too well aware of the weeds which are already springing up everywhere.

Spring is a season of rebirth and renewal, of hope and joy. And green is the colour that best symbolises this as it is associated with nature, growth and freshness. Think grass and leaves and foliage.

We have had a mild few weeks and I chose to take my photos for this ‘Spring Green’ challenge in a little copse near our house where the beautiful daffodils are in full bloom.

My faux-leather trousers are several years old as is the long shirt-dress. The snakeskin shoes are last years, but get a lot of wear as I love the style.

My green coat from Zara (€129) has caused a little bit of controversy in the house as we cannot quite name the shade but the colour in the photos taken on my camera do not do it justice. I also took one on my Samsung phone which is exactly right and I will share on Instagram.

Jacqui (Mummabstylish), whose challenge this is, wears a lovely Next dress and beautiful earrings. Head over to her blog to learn more.

Anna (Anna’s Island Style), as I have come to expect, always surprises with her individual style. Her skirt is from eBay,  the jacket charity shopped, blouse by M&S and those boots are Primark/Penneys.

Emma (Style Splash) is wearing a green Laura Ashley coat and a blouse bought in a charity shop with coated skinny jeans.

I  love green and have worn a lot of it over the years and am delighted to see more vibrant greens in the shops again. I used to have a lot of the colour in my wardrobe at one time and had fun reading over a post I did three years ago on my fondness for the colour. There is also a photo of me with a dress from the early ’70s.

Thanks for reading. Bye for now.