This month, Style Not Age embraces the autumn floral trend. Autumn is my favourite season. I love everything about it: the cooler days, the changing colours of nature and the darker evenings all appeal to me. Of course, my recent colour analysis confirmed that the colours that suit me best are from the autumnal palette.

colour analysis


And I love floral print. The stylist daughter was having a look through my wardrobe recently and commented about the predominance of print and pattern (particularly floral) in my wardrobe. When I was teaching, I tended to wear block colours, but it is true that in recent years I have embraced the print trend with gusto.

Even the blinds in our living room (about 9 years old) are a colourful leaf print.


I cannot believe that September is practically over and that ‘the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ is upon us. September has been busy with the usual Golf and Bridge. I am still feeling under the weather, as we say in Ireland, so there is less Golf than usual and I am going to fewer events, as I am trying to be sensible.

We had a fashion show in Malahide Golf Club  (I was one of the models) sponsored by our local Marc Cain store and GG and I spent a lovely afternoon with Jan and Rowan, an Australian blogging couple who were visiting Ireland. I love their blog name ‘Retiring Not Shy’!


Baby Cole (or ‘my baby’ as Logan sometimes calls him) is a month old and has stolen our hearts, just as his older brother did three years ago. Logan adores him and takes his big brother job very seriously. It is so sweet to see how caring and gentle he is with him and I love how he wants to continuously hug and kiss him.


I had a very interesting day at the Future Beauty Show at the beginning of the month with my friend Helen.

The talks were enlightening and we watched a live demo expertly performed by Dr Richard Hanson where fillers were used to contour a face and disguise a weak chin.

The latest developments in beauty treatments were interesting and it seems that more people are opting for less drastic measures such as Dermalux (which I have at Jeanne Brophy’s salon in Clontarf), Ultasound and laser therapy.

Particularly fascinating was the talk about labiaplasty, but the new laser treatments for prolapse, stress incontinence and vaginal atrophy were of more interest to me. These are soon to be available in Ireland.

But what was really hammered home by everyone was the importance of getting the right advice and going to trusted practioners. There are plenty of cowboys out there, it seems!


Marie and I attended an event in the recently-renovated Portmarnock Hotel & Golf Links which is only a 15-minute walk from us and overlooks the beautiful Velvet Strand. As well as learning about the fabulous organic brand Eminence, we were treated to prosecco and beautiful nibbles and, of course, a lovely goodie bag on leaving. I will be reviewing some of the products in due course as my name was pulled out to win the hamper.


So back to my collaboration with my Style Not Age friends and our September challenge of ‘Autumn Florals’.

I shopped my wardrobe for my autumn floral dress bought nearly three years ago for a song in a Warehouse sale. I have worn it a lot and while I love the dress, I was looking for a new way to wear it. So I popped an old green roll neck jumper under it and my recently purchased off-white boots from Marks & Spencer were exactly what I needed to update my look.

I did the same to another dress that I have worn to death. Same boots but this time a chunky H&M knit and an old belt gave me a new look.

You will be seeing a lot more looks like this, as I have great plans to ‘autumn/winter up’ many of my summer dresses.


Jacqui has a lovely floral skirt and teamed it with white boots. I see we are thinking on the same lines again Jacqui. Pop over to mummabstylish to learn more.

Emma is shopping her wardrobe and this gorgeous dress (of course) is a charity shop find. Pop over to Style Splash to learn more.

Anna  is looking fab in her Zara dress which is current and, as always, I love her accessories. Head over to annasislandstyle to find out more.

Thank you for reading and do check out my friends’ blogs and instagrams for more style inspiration.