My ‘Style Not Age’ group is tackling Jewel Brights this month, with the challenge being set by Anna.

What are jewel tones?

Jewel tone colours are rich gem colours like emerald green, sapphire blue, ruby red and amethyst purple. In fact, almost any coloured gemstone can be replicated with a comparable jewel tone. They are very rich, distinctive, even bold colours that would make you stand out in a crowd.

I like jewel tones and over the years have worn many of them, but with the prevalence of pattern in recent years, I struggled to find any strong, bold ‘jewel brights’ in my winter wardrobe. And I am trying to buy less and buy well. I do have a red coat, but is it ruby red? Probably not!

I have lots of greens, olive, khaki, even moss, but emerald!

My yellows are mostly mustard.

The point about jewel tones is their intensity. They are rich, deep colours that shine brightly on dark winter days. They are like the colours you see in stained-glass windows in churches.

I was going to use an old photo (see below) of a dress I borrowed from my friend Carol for a charity ball last year. I was convinced it was amethyst until hubby informed me that amethyst is more lilac. Who knew Graham knew so much about colour! I even thought the embellishment on the top of the dress would fit perfectly with the theme ‘jewel brights’.

So, I was struggling, as I said, until yesterday afternoon (Sunday). The sun came out and I was taking my grandson for a walk. I decided I did not need my usual heavy walking coat and put on this oldish Zara coat (my friend Marie has the same coat) and I decided that it was ‘ruby red’. Some of you may disagree, but I persuaded GG (the ever-willing blogger’s assistant!) to take a few photos and, hey presto, here it is my offering for this month’s challenge.

The shirt  and pleather pants are about five years old and the really comfortable ankle boots are Van Dal (gifted A/W 2019).

Gorgeous Graham gave me that lovely necklace you see below…it is not a ruby..but it is ruby red!

Anna has a multitude of colours in her fabulous skirt. She looks like she could be straight off the set of ‘Poldark’! Read her post on annasislandstyle to see where she picked that up. And you can see those red boots peeping out too.

Jacqui is a riot of jewel brights below. Head over to mummabstylish to learn more. The red, yellow and blue certainly make a statement. Nailed it Jacqui.

And Emma is also wearing a lovely combination of colours. Jewel brights to the fore again. Find out more at thestylesplash

We have great fun with our challenges every month. I think I probably overthought this month’s theme, however! Thanks for all the lovely comments on last month’s ‘Winter Opulence’ theme. And for all the support over the past few years.

Can you believe January is nearly over? I can’t. Until next time.

Hilda xx