I don’t understand all the furore about little Harper Beckham and her soother. It’s the first time I’ve seen her pictured with one, so most likely she was tired and cranky and needed a comforter.harper-beckham-david-beckham-LP

I didn’t give mine soothers and looking back, I’m sorry I didn’t! Our eldest never slept through the night until she was two and a half. GG and I took it in turns to get up with her, and take her downstairs so the other could get some sleep, as we were both working. That was the early ‘80s before breakfast TV or videos.

Penelope Leach (remember that name?) was the guru in vogue at the time and her book “Your Baby and Child:From Birth to Age 5” was my bible (unfortunately don’t have it any more as I passed it on). She argued that you shouldn’t let a baby cry for long (and I remembered that even when frazzled and exhausted at 3.30am). Pacifying, comforting and talking soothingly were important, Ms Leach said. So we tried all that but the little darling, once awake in the early hours, stayed awake!


pacifierI still remember going in to teach with only four or five hours’ sleep and trying to be effervescent and interesting whereas I was probably just crabby as hell. Why did we never give her a soother? Maybe Penelope Leach didn’t like them, I can’t remember, but if I was doing it all over again, I would.

So leave Harper alone. She has excellent, loving parents who already have three gorgeous boys, so they do know what they are doing!