One of the reasons I started writing this blog is to share my experiences, for example to tell you what worked and what didn’t.

This post is about legs.92

Why am I writing about legs?

Well, I have good legs according to GG and so I like to look after them. A combination of genes and perhaps standing as a teacher meant that several years ago I developed varicose veins; not only were they painful, they were also unsightly.

Many friends had suffered from the same complaint and had undergone a procedure called stripping or else had the veins injected. Neither of these appealed to me because of the poor percentage of success and the discomfort involved. After considerable research (mostly talking to anyone who would admit to having problems), I found a place called The Laser Centre and a man (really more of a superman) Dr Pat Leahy who is renowned worldwide as an expert in minimally invasive surgery. I learned that he treated varicose veins successfully using laser technology. the_laser_centre_clinic_hume_street_dublin_2

It took nearly three months to get an appointment! You can see the man doesn’t need any more business, so I am really giving my readers one of the best kept secrets in Ireland. I nervously made my way into Hume St., Dublin where he is based. I need not have worried. The man is a sweetheart (am I allowed write that, oh well I have now) and the laser, while not pain-free, was not that bad. On a scale of one to ten where waxing is a ten it’s about a three. I’m presuming most of you have experienced waxing at some stage and can remember the excruciating pain!

I know I have some secret male readers out there, (and men suffer from varicose veins too) so there is no use making a comparison with childbirth. Well, in comparison this was a walk in the park. A local anaesthetic was administered by needle to numb the area followed by treatment with a hand-held laser. Zap and the ugly veins were gone.  I only needed one visit, but if your veins are bad you may need more. I wore heavy tights which gave me support for a few weeks afterwards (bought in Dunnes). I have had no problems since and that’s at least four years ago. However, if another one appears, I will be back in pronto.FB_IMG_1447768275453

The cost of the first visit is €200 and any visit after is €150. Check out what you can reclaim from your health insurance providers.

More to come on The Laser Clinic…..