Tonight I will be making my television debut on ‘How to Live Better for Longer’ on RTE1 at 9.35pm!

Having told everyone who listened that I probably would end up on the cutting room floor, I saw and heard myself on the preview, so I know I will feature, however briefly. Below you can see the lovely Eileen  (eileenstylequeen) and me being photographed by Jenny McCarthy.


In the ad for the second part of the documentary, hosted by Dr Eva Orsmond, I say ‘I am pro-ageing’.

Of course, I mean that the alternative is worse! I want to live and age well.

I may be 62 but I am determined to stay as healthy as I can and look as well as I can, while still enjoying life to the full.


I think that we all realise by now that staying relatively fit is possibly the most important aspect of living better for longer. Even 35 minutes of a fast walk (fast enough to get your heart rate up) a few times a week can make a difference to your overall health.

I have always been active. I met Graham while playing Hockey. A back operation when I was 31 put paid to that, but I walked miles while recovering, then took up Tennis which I played for over 20 years until my back again started to complain. I now walk, play Golf, do exercises for my back and have regular acupuncture, massage and physical therapy . I have wonderful alterative practitioners whom I see on a regular basis.

I also do my own version of yoga and pilates for about twenty minutes a few times a week and pray that is enough to stop my bum ending up on the floor.


I am a great believer in moderation, and do not cut out anything from my diet. We cook from scratch most of the time and while I don’t indulge too often in cakes or desserts, I do enjoy a few squares of dark chocolate daily.  Now, on the other hand, my GG has a sweet tooth and his addiction to sugar is a constant bone of contention.

I enjoy wine and a G&T and probably drink a bit more than Dr Eva would recommend. Anyway, alcohol in moderation has some health benefits too.

gin and tonic


Unlike Dr Eva, I have not had Botox (although I do admire her honesty).

This is not because I don’t want to look good for my age, but because it is not for me. But I totally endorse every woman or man’s right to do what she or he wants.

I am going down the route of non-invasive treatments and go regularly for facials. I really enjoyed the CACI treatments I had a few years ago, but I needed a healthy bank balance to keep that going. For pampering, I recommend Elaine Doolin in Bespoke Beauty and since January I have been attending Valerie at Jeanne Brophy’s salon in Clontarf for some anti-ageing treatments. In fact, I was with her on the morning that this show was recorded.

jeanne brophy

I am on constant look-out for treatments that will help keep my skin hydrated and help with slackness in the jaw area, all part of growing older, I know. I am not looking to turn back time just slow it down a little.


Since I took early retirement from teaching, (because I was unwell), I have started the blog (the technical side is still a challenge) and I learned how to play Bridge. Learning new skills is one of the many ways we can help with our brain health.


One of the problems with growing old is that you become invisible and we need to change this. We mid-lifers have a lot to contribute and have more disposable income now that our mortgages have been paid off and our children have flown the coop. Many of us are still interested in fashion. But generally we are ignored by brands, most of whom insist on using young models in magazines and campaigns to promote their goods.

coast jumpsuit 2018


Of course, my hobbies of Golf and Bridge have introduced me to new social scenes and I have met some wonderful people through both. I have maintained my friendships with many of my former colleagues and meet up pretty regularly with them.

And I have the most incredible friends, of all ages, most of whom (but not all) live close by in Malahide. Walks, coffees, lunches, supper club, dinners and theatre trips are all important factors in staying young. Not to mention that many of my friends act as personal therapists when I need them. That’s what friends are for! Right?


I realise that I have been fortunate in that I am a pretty positive person. My cup is half-full rather than half-empty. Graham and I have had 37 years of happy marriage and we have two lovely girls and one gorgeous grandson (so far) who also keeps us young. There have been bumps along the way, health bumps and years when money was very tight, but we always kept our sense of humour. Laughter is certainly good for you and also helps in living better for longer.

This is by no means an exhaustive list and one of the reasons I started the blog was to share my journey into middle age and beyond. So I was delighted to be asked to contribute to the programme ‘How to Live Better for Longer’.

I will be tuning in tonight, probably from behind a cushion; I hope you will too.