Nothing beats a facial when you want to feel pampered. Recently, I have had Micro-needling, which while very effective, is certainly not pain-free, and a TriPollar facial, which while not painful could hardly be called pampering.

But I was in for a real treat with Elaine, owner of Bespoke Beauty in Donnnybrook in Dublin…she is, by the way, just the sweetest person with a gentle and warm manner.

The salon is a haven, an oasis: welcoming and so lovely and warm to enter from a wet and windy day outside.

When Elaine left to prepare my facial, I snuggled into a cosy bed, lying on a jade hot stone blanket, which is supposed to help the penetration of heat right into the body and relieve tension. It must have worked because I was in a half-sleep for much of the treatment.

I was treated to the new Simone Mahler Caviar facial. Yes, caviar darling! It sounds luxurious and pampering and it certainly lived up to its name.  An Anti-Ageing facial with the latest stem cell technology, it stimulates the skin cells to produce collagen and is intensively nourishing for the face, neck and even the décolleté.

First of all, the skin was cleansed twice with some very luxurious products and a warm cloth used to remove the excess. After toning, gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells.

Following a serum, Elaine expertly massaged my wrinkles away with a cream and oil blend using lymphatic drainage techniques, which was just heaven on earth. (I believe Madonna and Jennifer Lopez love having lymphatic drainage facials and they kind of look ok!). She also worked on acupressure points to relieve tension and stress.  Yes, I know I am retired, but I still do stress and tension…it’s part of my DNA. This was my absolute favourite part of the facial and it felt like it went on forever…I believe it was about 20 minutes. You can see Elaine in action on my FB page.

But I was not finished. Elaine applied the caviar mask and eye patches and wrapped me up in a bandage-style mask which made me feel like a mummy. I loved it, but if you are claustrophobic you might not like it.


My skin was tighter around the jaw area particularly; it looked more plump and more radiant and I definitely saw a huge reduction in wrinkles.  And the effects lasted for weeks. Repairing and regenerating it certainly is…I can highly recommend this oh-so-pampering facial, not just because it is pampering, but because it is effective. An added bonus was that my blocked sinuses were cleared. The photo below shows you just how radiant my skin looked.

It is a luxurious treatment that also promotes the health of your skin and your overall well-being. It takes about an hour 15 mins and costs €115.00, but a course of 3 is €300. I came out feeling and looking years younger.

If you need a break from ‘the madding crowd’, if you want to give a real treat to a loved one, an hour and a quarter of me-time, get in touch with Bespoke Beauty. You know what, it would make a lovely present.  My darling GG drove me there and went for a coffee when I had the pampering facial. Such a good hubby.


I did not pay for my facial, but I genuinely loved it. I only write about products and treatments that work for me. I am always very much aware that when it comes to skin that we all have different needs. Some days I look in the mirror and am happy with what looks back at me, while on other days I see far too many wrinkles and sagging loose skin. This facial helped me have many, many good days. Highly recommended.