2018 – what a year! Like most years it had a mixture of bad and good.



Health-wise, GG certainly had a mixed year. He had a hip operation in March and while a lot better than he was before the operation, I wouldn’t say that he is back to full mobility yet. He is not the most diligent at doing his exercises and going for his walks, but gently chiding him does not work, nor does nagging. It is not that he sits around: he is always busy helping out one or other of the darling daughters, or helping out in the various local clubs and societies in which he is involved.

Then, of course, he blacked out in August and was rushed into hospital by ambulance. Many of you read about that EPISODE and the subsequent fitting of a pacemaker. Let me just say we were blessed and I cannot even imagine what could have happened. The good news is that he is now sleeping better than he has slept in the past few years.



In 2018, I have had minor issues with a knee (well, I think they are minor) and some re-occuring back problems and a problem with the rotator cuff in my left shoulder. But these have all been helped by visits to Andrew Smith at The Willows Clinic in Glasnevin  and Patrick Leahy in The Laser Centre and, of course, I had a pre-cancerous lesion removed also (above). Otherwise, I am fine and dandy!



And we had some really good times, too. Looking after our grandson Logan on Mondays gives us great joy and lots of laughs (pictured with me at Dublin Zoo). We enjoyed going to the theatre, eating out and socialising with great friends, while I also managed to play some Golf and lots of Bridge.



We had several short breaks – Kilronan Castle in County Roscommon (above) and two nights in Galgorm Resort & Spa near Ballymena and even a night in the newly revamped Morgan Hotel in Dublin (post will be up soon). Travel Department sent me on a press trip to the beautiful city of Salamanca and in October we went on an adventure in India with TDactive.



And, of course, the highlight of 2018  was our daughter Kirstin and Mark’s wedding. Thank you everybody for all your lovely comments on my recent post and yes, I can totally recommend the venue, the photographer, the videographer and the band. I have amended my post to include the florist (a total error on my part) who was wonderful and reasonably priced too. And would you believe, I also forgot to mention my sandals. They stayed on for over twelve hours and as most of you know I have problem feet. I was wearing sandals that tango dancers wear, bought from dancer and pilates instructor Susanne Liiri (susanne.liiri@gmail.com).



Blog-wise, I write at least one post a week and put up some outfit pics on Instagram. My readership has really grown and I would like to thank you all for your support.

I was delighted to be nominated in the Beauty Blog Awards in the ‘older bloggers’ category

I was also fortunate to be featured in several media outlets during the year:


  • The Sunday Business Post mentioned me in a piece on older bloggers and  instagrammers worldwide and I  (and Susan Jackson aka eternalstyle) were delighted to be mentioned alongside some very famous names such as Maye Musk!

  • Irish Country Magazine included me in a feature on Style Over 60 with Celia Holman-Lee and Eileen Smith as ‘older influencers’ in Ireland.




I really enjoyed working with Shaws Department Stores  once showcasing some summer styles and again in the autumn.

and also with Marshes Shopping Centre in Dundalk where I joined Louise from StylemeCurvy, Rebecca from Rebecca Rose Stylist and the fabulous duo Mike and Paul that make up Funky Fashion Frolics. You can still see my fashion haul on my Instagram highlights.



I have enjoyed many beauty treatments and have written about those I thought were worthwhile.

The most relaxing, plumping and revitalising facial I had in 2018 was with Elaine Butler Doolin in her Bespoke Beauty Salon on Morehampton Road. Pictured below after my facial, I look like the cat who got the cream.


As for lotions and potions, I believe you need to find the right one for you and, of course, nothing is more important than sleep, hydration and avoiding stress and toxins. I really like all those I wrote about and because I like them, I finish them.  So, I am probably a pretty useless beauty blogger.

If I don’t like a product, I write to the company and tell them why. But, of course, it might suit you. We all have different needs. I like super hydration and I find products work so much better following a treatment such as a peel.



2019 already looks to be a busy one and I am still enjoying blogging and challenging the norms about ageing. I will continue to share my journey with you.  I am looking forward to trying some new products including retinol this year and I am toying with trying out the Plasma Pen! Have any of you heard any feedback on this? I will need to hibernate for a week if I do it!

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Oh and to my email followers I am so sorry about the glitch in notifications and thank you to all those who brought it to my attention. I believe it is fixed now.

I know we are already well into January, but goodbye 2018 and I hope 2019 is good to you.

Chat soon.

Hilda x