This month, I have asked my ‘Style Not Age’ friends to each choose their Signature Colour. This is their ‘go to’ colour, the colour that they are drawn to when they open their wardrobe or go into a shop.  I head straight for red, orange and yellow (more mustard really) as I am obsessed with those three colours. I could have chosen any one of those as my signature colour for the purpose of this post.

I chose Orange.

I love Orange because it is a mix of red and yellow, so I get the energy associated with red and the happiness associated with yellow. Orange makes me think of sunrises and sunsets, autumn leaves and pumpkins. It is a happy, vibrant and joyful colour and when I wear orange it definitely affects my mood.

The outfit above is a recent purchase from local Malahide boutique Paula’s. Like many of us, I am trying to support local businesses and I wore it when we walked down the road to eat in ‘Seabank’ fish restaurant for our wedding anniversary.

The shirt is from the No 2moro label and the distressed jeans are a new label to me – Red Button – and so comfy that I will definitely purchase more in the future.

Maybe inadvertently we are drawn to colours that suit us.  I did have a colour analysis about 18 months ago with Maria Macklin and she reinforced that orange of a certain hue is one of the most flattering colours I can wear.

You can immediately tell because the right colour and shade will flatter and enhance.

But there is more to it than just preference. The colours you wear can also tell you something about your personality. Did you know that?

‘With orange as your favourite color, you are warm, optimistic, extroverted and often flamboyant. You are friendly, good-natured and a generally agreeable person. You are assertive and determined rather than aggressive.’

Now let us look at what my friends from ‘Style Not Age’ chose as their signature colours:


lilac shirt

Gail surprised us with lilac as we know she adores pink, but of course she has used pink accessories.  The lilac really suits her too and she has her signature pink lipstick. Do pop over to Is This Mutton to learn more and see what she has been up to recently.

Here is what I learned about Gail.

‘Lilac is friendly, playful, with a stronger focus on people, generally being more sociable and compassionate. Lavender and lilac are unique and somewhat unconventional, suggesting if either was your favourite colour or if you like to wear either, you have a desire to be unique and to go against the crowd.’


Emma has chosen red, one of my favourite colours also, and I love the beautiful dress and those mules look made for it. The dress came from Asos. Emma tells you more on The Style Splash. Pop over there.

According to

‘Having red as your favourite colour identifies you as extroverted and optimistic, courageous and confident. You are action oriented and physically active and have strong survival instincts.’

Emma is this true?


Jacqui likes pink and blue, but finds it difficult to pick a signature colour. Her beautiful patchwork dress is a recent purchase from Next. See what she has been up to on Mummabstylish.

Here is Jacqui’s analysis:

‘If pink is your favourite colour, you are loving, kind, generous and sensitive to the needs of others. You are friendly and approachable with a warmth and softness others are drawn to.

Blue as a personality is reserved. Blue likes to do things its own way and it doesn’t conform well to the wishes of others. Blue is independent, it is more of a leader than a follower.’


rainbow colours

Anna, our Scilly Isles mermaid, has chosen all the colours of the rainbow as her signature colour, as she could not settle on one. And most of her outfit was bought in charity shops. Anna runs an art gallery on the island and you can learn more about her life on annasislandstyle.

Anna has made it more difficult to assess her personality. But if you look at the colours of the rainbow, you can see she has a mix of all of us … plus green suggests she is:

‘Reserved, peaceful and at one with the natural world. Green is also emotional, focuses on the big picture, cares a great deal about the planet and the creatures that live on that planet.’

And the yellow suggests that ‘she is a perfectionist and methodical.’


I have had a bit of fun with my friends trying to analyse their personalities by their signature colours.

What is your favourite colour? Check out…

Until next time, my friends.