What is your favourite Autumn trend? Or do you have one? Even if you are not trend driven, it is impossible not to be aware of what is trending. I’m all for experimenting in the safety of the dressing room, but I don’t necessarily buy into many of them.

However, each season brings new trends and you will often hear that a certain colour is big this year or that big sleeves are in or that hem lengths are shorter, longer, flouncier. Maybe you ignore them or maybe, like me, you try a few.

Many trends come around again and again and though somebody once said that you should never do a trend a second time, I tend to ignore such nonsense.

So what trends have I bought into this Autumn?

Well, red is big this year and you all know that I love red.  And, of course, the trouser suit is back with a vengeance And big sleeves are in and my top, though two years old and never worn, has big sleeves.  And did you know that animal print has not gone anywhere?

Red trouser suit

So, I like to think that I aced this challenge! Everything I am wearing is ON TREND.

My red trouser suit from Summum Woman (sold as separates) is borrowed from one of my favourite Malahide boutiques: Paula’s. Paula has an eye for what will look good on her clientele and often buys with them in mind. She has a loyal local following, but people come from far and near to shop there.

The trousers are comfortable and slim fitting, but not tight fitting, with a lovely zip detail on the legs. And the jacket would look fabulous over a little black dress also. And did you notice the gorgeous lining? I did try it with runners/sneakers (see my flatlay below) but preferred adding some height with my heels.

red suit flatlay

I wore a lot of trouser suits when I was teaching and love seeing them back in vogue again.

The top was a bargain (Coast) and the leopard print shoes (Dune) are years old, but they seem to bring back a similar style every year.

Jacqui (it was her challenge this month) chose rust as her favourite trend. There is so much of it in the shops at the moment and it is one of my favourite colours too. In fact, I have purchased a few tops already in the shade. Pop over to Mummabstylish to learn more.

Emma is really working her trends and also ‘does’ rust trousers with a velvet jacket (velvet has made a re-appearance this year) and snakeprint (still with us and going nowhere). Emma found that stunning jacket in a charity shop for a few quid!  Check out stylesplash for more details.

Anna snagged her Argyle knit in a charity shop last year and lo and behold they are all the rage this year. Great foresight, Anna. We all know how good she is at thrift shopping. And love how she has styled it with a vintage shirt and Zara cords. Don’t you love her tartan boots too? See what she has been up to on annasisland style.

So that is another month of our Style Not Age Challenge. If you missed last month’s here is the link. Happy Halloween everyone. Chat soon.