We go back in fashion this month. Let me explain a little more. Sustainable fashion is very much in vogue at present and we are all tying to buy less and buy with longevity in mind.

Our recent challenges reflect this. A few months ago, Anna challenged us to scour second-hand/charity shops and mix our purchases with items in our wardrobes.

This month, I set the challenge of wearing an item of clothing that we have had for at least ten years. A search through our attic gave me the idea. I have kept several pairs of boots, jackets, suits and dresses for years in a few plastic boxes up there. Unfortunately, most of them are a little tight on me now and I passed these on to the stylist daughter who revamped them for herself.

But I did find two velvet jackets (I featured one on Insta a few weeks ago) and some boots which I felt could be given another whirl.

Velvet jacket

The green jacket and brown boots are from the last century….yes about 25 years old. The jacket is still perfect and the boots are pretty good too. The jacket has the label Luma Italy on it and as for the boots your guess is as good as mine. But the suede has lasted well and they have a leather interior.

Searching my attic

There is a lot of velvet about this year and I love the colour of the jacket. Coloured green glass stones decorate the lapels. Paired with one of my favourite skirts, I feel it is a perfect look for the holiday season. My cashmere mix top is from Mango this season and the bag, which I love, was a present three years ago from Zara.

jacket and boots from 23 years ago

The skirt is from F&F last year and below you can see the detail on the suede boots, which are actually very comfortable still!

Suede boots found in attic

Let us see what my fellow ‘Style Not Age’ sisters found in their attics.

Emma bought this waistcoat second-hand from a dress agency when she was 18. My goodness, it is a perfect match for her boots. I love the entire look. Find out more by heading over to Style Splash.

Style Splash November

Jacqui looks every inch an intrepid woman of mystery in her trench coat from 1987. If you want to know exactly where she has been hiding out, or who she is stalking, check out mummabstylish.

Mummabstylish November

And Anna is cosy in her leopard coat against that fabulous stone backdrop. And you can find out more, of course, on annasislandstyle. I am keen to see more of that yellow/mustard dress underneath.

Anna's Island Style November

So that is another challenge finished and we will be back again at the end of December, after Christmas and just before the New Year.