Here I am at five o clock in the morning writing my next post. Usually I sleep well and long. In fact most nights I get eight or nine hours sleep. Maybe it was the heat last night, but having tossed and turned since three, I eventually decided to get up.


It is ironic because I want to write about looking after your skin and my first tip is to get plenty of sleep.


Sleeping is vital for your health. Did you know that collagen is made when you sleep, helping to keep the skin plump and that blood flow is increased making your complexion glow. Lack of sleep can lead to a dull and dehydrated face and premature ageing. I always feel that my lines and wrinkles are more obvious if I have a late night or a disturbed rest, though of course alcohol can contribute to the problem also!

We all know that puffy eyes are a direct result of a lack of shut-eye; seemingly the extra fluid gathers around the eye area rather than being eliminated through the bladder. GG is a poor sleeper and I attribute his lack of zzzs to his adorable baggy eyes.


So sleep is a time for the body to renew, to re-hydrate and to eliminate toxins.


Yes drinking water is good. You need to drink about eight glasses a day to help with digestion, to help rid the body of toxins and to stay hydrated. I seldom manage eight every day but I don’t beat myself up over it!  Many experts feel that this can be taken through herbal teas either.


This is a must all year around, particularly if you walk or play golf as I do. I wear La Roche- Posay  usually or Soltan SPF 50.This year, however, I noticed I got some colour on my face so I presume I did not apply enough. I would love to hear if you have a particular favourite which you feel works for you.IMG_4709




As well as eating a varied diet, I take some supplements which are also important for your skin’s health.  I take Omega 3, Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex  and Vitamin D (we don’t get enough sunshine in Ireland and when we do we cover ourselves in high factor sun creams).

Omega 3 is essential for good skin because of its anti-inflammatory properties, but also because it contains fatty acids which help restore fats to the skin and combat dryness, a huge problem as we age.

Vitamin C also helps to improve your skin health. As well as helping create and maintain collagen, it can help protect your skin from harmful UV rays; it is vital in healing damaged skin and delaying the signs of ageing. But it is water soluble so you must take it daily in food or supplement form or both.

Both B and D deficiencies can also lead to dry skin and premature ageing . Vitamin B has been shown to improve the ability of the upper layer of the skin to retain moisture, leading to softer skin. So you can see why as well as their numerous other health benefits, you should add them to your arsenal to keep your skin as good as it possibly can be.



Now this is where I become confused. I have used different face creams over the years, always a sucker for the latest miracle cream and I have written about this before. Currently I am using products from Boots No 7 Lift and Luminate range (serum, day and night creams) together with a Youthful Replenishing Oil and I am not happy with them. I was assured by the sales lady that they were perfect for my skin and they have received rave reviews as well as performing brilliantly in clinical trials. But recently I have noticed a big change in my skin. And No 7 has not helped. It is a lot drier and therefore more wrinkly. I know that wrinkles are inevitable, but I feel I should be able to keep my skin hydrated and not have it look dry and parchment-like.


A cream that worked for a year ago might not necessarily have the same effect now, so I am on the search for an entire new regime. I already cleanse with coconut oil and I love it, so I won’t be changing that and I will continue using a facial spritzer .


But I am on the hunt for a new facial regime. I want to hydrate my skin, stimulate collagen and diminish or  reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Not too much to ask is it?

No stranger to acupuncture (a future post will be devoted to how it helped me in the past) I will be taking an intense course (I already indulge a little)  over the next few months to help boost the collagen in my face and you will be able to see if it makes a difference.

So please keep reading my posts and I will share my experiences and I would be delighted if you would share my posts with any of your friends you think might enjoy a little of the world according to Hilda!!