Since I retired from teaching, I have more comfy casuals in my wardrobe than ever before. In winter, it means jeans and a top/jumper worn with boots. In summer, it is more likely to be a top and light trousers or skirt.


For the first few weeks of lockdown, I spent quite a lot of time in my leggings.  I have 3 pairs of black leggings from the label Peachy Lean. High-waisted, comfortable and flattering (they hold you in), they also wash brilliantly.  I wrote about them HERE two years ago. You can check the label out at

Walking gear.

But in the last two weeks, I have made more of an effort and now I try to wear them for the first few hours of the day and change after my walk and yoga. I succeed some of the time. And the highlight of my week is heading to the supermarket, so I do make an effort to get ‘dressed’ on those occasions.

We have been blessed with exceptional April weather, lots of sunshine and hardly any April showers. And GG and I have been enjoying walking within our 2km radius.

But, like everyone else, I am craving some normal human interaction, not just on Zoom, though it will have to do for now. And I am grateful that we have it; it is a lifeline to my family and friends.


Below I am wearing a pair of my favourite trousers from the label Punt Roma, bought in Shaws Department Stores two years ago. To be honest they are like wearing leggings (they have an elastic waist) they are so comfortable. The sunglasses are Quay Australia, my favourite pair and gifted to me by Shaws.

The jumper is from Zara and bought pre-Covid lockdown. I love it, but I did not foresee that my hair (in desperate need of a cut and colour) would get caught in the beaded bow embellishments. I will have to wear it up in future.

And my super-comfy runners are Adidas, bought last September, but only worn (until now) on our wonderful trip to Morocco with TD Active.


So how did my friends from ‘Style Not Age’ get on?

Well, Anna of annasislandstyle stole the show in her colourful voluminous trousers. Read more about her outfit and what she is up to on Tresco Island just off Cornwall.

And I love Jacqui’s casual, but also striking top, paired with comfy jeans.  Jacqui chose this month’s theme. Read how she is adapting to Covid restrictions over on Mummabstylish.

Emma is casual and stylish in her combats and pretty top. Read what she is up to at home on Style Splash.

Gail looks extremely energetic in her comfy casuals. See how she is coping with working from home on Is This Mutton. Love that sweatshirt.


In Ireland, we have another 8 days of these extreme measures.  Then all going well, some restrictions will be lifted. I am hopeful that we will be allowed see family. And (further in the future) I am also looking forward to getting out of these comfy casuals and getting dressed up to go out to a restaurant or a dinner party. Like most of you, I am doing what I am asked and staying positive. The good weather has helped in this regard.

Stay well. Stay safe. And if you are not a priority worker (heartfelt thanks to all health professionals and others risking their own health by going to work) STAY AT HOME.

Love Hilda x