Happy Christmas my friends.  Is it really nearly the end of 2019?  And what’s more, another decade over and two since the millennium. I always move into each year with more than a little trepidation as to what it might bring. But my motto is to live each day, week, month and year to the full, so onwards we go to the third decade of the 21st century.

This has been an eventful decade.

I worked, became ill, returned to work, retired, my daughters moved home, moved out, bought houses, one got married, Graham and I became grandparents.


2019 was quieter than the previous year in some ways and busier in others. Mondays with our grandson Logan are great fun and we brought him on his first double-decker bus journey and first train journey this year.


Mondays always include a visit to the library and the playground if the weather allows. And, of course, our second grandson Cole (below) arrived at the end of August to brighten our lives.  My Mum turned 80 and we (all my sisters and families) enjoyed a weekend in Co Roscommon to celebrate.

I continue to play Golf and Bridge and walk.  And, of course, we are blessed to have a wide and wonderful circle of friends and lead a very active social life.


Thanks to you, my readers, the blog has gone from strength to strength and I suppose the highlight of the year (blog-wise) was being featured on ‘How To Live Better For Longer’ on RTE1 Television and being interviewed on ‘The Ryan Tubridy Radio Show’ by Kathryn Thomas.

My main aim in writing this blog is to share my experiences of ageing and the challenges it brings. So you can read about beauty/skin products and treatments I love, how I look after my health and well-being (I also share the alternative treatments that work for me) and my fashion highlights.

If you have an Instagram account, I post more fashion stuff on it. Check out my Instastories too where I share some pics from my day-to-day life.


As we age, it is natural to get more aches and pains, particularly if we were involved in sport. But it is never too late to look after ourselves. I had a good year health-wise initially, but battled low-grade fatigue for a few months. The problem stems from 2010. I wrote a blog post about it which you can read HERE

I also shared a post on health checks for women over-50, the importance of Vitamin D and a post on Probiotics which all got a lot of attention.


I already shared my best beauty tips for 2019. I am aware that this can be a tricky area as skin care is not a one size fits all. So, I just share what I have found works for me, or in some cases works for someone close to me.


I continue to champion midlife women and believe that we are making some progress in staying visible and hope that more brands will start to realise our value. Now that we have paid off our mortgages and raised our children, we have more disposable income and many of us are still interested in fashion. I know that all of my friends enjoy a day out shopping and love new clothes. I love this red suit (below borrowed from local boutique Paula’s in Malahide) and was very tempted to buy it, but resisted.


We have all become more aware of the part we can play in looking after our planet. I had very few new clothes while I was growing up. I got hand-me-downs from friends and family. And I shopped second-hand for many years. But somewhere along the way I got out of the habit. I suppose fashion became more affordable.

But I have started scouring charity shops again, thanks to my ‘Style Not Age’ group.  I have found some gems in my attic and I even borrowed a dress for a ball (below) from my friend Carol.

I will continue to shop my wardrobe and my attic and I am determined to buy less, but buy better in 2020.


In 2019 we visited Lisbon

and Morocco

and had ‘staycations’ in Wexford,

wexford harbour


Victorian Terrace Bangor

and Portaferry.

We intended to do more, but our busy lives got in the way. Lots more travel to do in the year ahead.

So, my resolution for 2020 is to make no resolutions. just to live life to the full.

‘Love the life you live.’

There probably won’t be another one!

Thank you for joining me on my journey. I really appreciate it and I hope you gain something from my little blog.

Happy Christmas!