Sleeping like a Baby on a Leesa Mattress

In collaboration with Leesa Mattresses. I have written before about how to ensure you get a good night's sleep, but if you have not got a comfortable mattress, then nothing else matters. GG and I

Hyaluronic Acid is my New Hero Product

I had been sent some products by Pestle & Mortar, including their Hyaluronic Serum, and  I was delighted that I had it to use when I returned from India. My skin was in a dehydrated

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Come and Binge on My Top 3 Netflix Series

Currently in bed with a horrific sinus infection, I am going to binge watch some Netflix series, as soon as I am well enough, so if you have any recommendations, I would be delighted to hear

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‘Style Not Age’ are ‘Frill Seekers’

‘Frill Seekers’ is the challenge for our ‘Style not Age’ group this month and I must admit that I found it a challenge. When it comes to frills, I am quite muted. Let’s face it,

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5 Winter Destinations for Snowtime Fun

Winter is the perfect time of year for a little getaway. With the cold season well and truly settling in, all the Christmas festivities and the abundance of decorations to admire and all that food

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Boot Up with Van Dal Boots

These Van Dal boots are made for walking! Those of you who follow my blog might be aware that I have foot issues,  (not a foot fetish) so I find it difficult enough to find

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Pampering Simone Mahler Facial at Bespoke Beauty

Nothing beats a facial when you want to feel pampered. Recently, I have had Micro-needling, which while very effective, is certainly not pain-free, and a TriPollar facial, which while not painful could hardly be called

‘The Secret Lives of Adults’ by Allison Keating – Review

'The Secret Lives of Adults' by Allison Keating is an absolute necessity in every house, whether you are single, in a relationship, or have a family. I have read a few self-help books, which have

Life’s A Ball with ‘Style Not Age’ Challenge

The theme for this month’s Style not Age is ‘Life’s a Ball’. ‘You feel very romantic when you're in a ball gown. Everyone should wear one once in a while.’ - Carolina Herrera (dress designer) Nowadays

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Peachy Lean Leggings Make You Feel and Look Good

I am feeling just peachy thank you, well Peachy Lean to be exact in my new leggings. The older I get, the more difficult it is for me to find leggings which give support, leggings

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Crow Street Collective, Darren Lacken and my New Hair

Changing hairdresser or changing your hair is probably one of the biggest decisions you can make in your life, nearly in the same category of moving house or job, or changing your MAN! If I

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Travel broadens the Mind so our Bucket List keeps Growing

"Travel broadens the mind and widens horizons", according to the late US hiker and itinerant traveller Christopher McCandless Do you have a list of places you would like to travel to before you kick the

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Best Tips on How to Find Bras that Fit and Enhance your Bust

Can we talk about BRAS?  I remember the excitement of getting my first; I was the last in my year, as I was what was termed ‘a late developer’ in the boob arena. The mortification.

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‘Style not Age’ goes Wild about Animal Prints

It's a jungle out there! We have gone wild this month in 'Style not Age' and it is all about the animal print. Did you know that animal skins have long been associated with power?

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Memory Hacks to Help you Study Smarter, not Harder

I used many of these memory hacks when I was a teacher.  And I wrote a post on MEMORY a while ago. But here Jennifer Dennis who has done a lot of research on this

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A TriPollar Facial Tightens Skin and Reduces Wrinkles at Skin Essentials

A visit to Mariga of Skin Essentials in Wexford for a skin consultation and a TriPollar Facial was supposed to take about an hour, but the woman is a walking encyclopaedia when it comes to