Staying fierce with the Fierce 50 Movement

  Following on from the Fierce 50 Campaign launched by a group of bloggers (including overthehilda) worldwide on February 20th - the 50th day of the year - I am delighted to announce that the

50 fierce over-50 women collaborate to launch global campaign

Today, February 19th, I am honoured to be part of a movement with over 50 “over-50 bloggers” around the world to launch the first Fierce Over-50 Campaign on the 50th day of the year. Brainchild

Valentine’s Day…what we do for love!

History lesson. Where did Valentine’s Day originate? Who was this St. Valentine fellow? Seemingly, Emperor Claudius made it illegal for young Roman men to marry, because he felt that single men made better soldiers. But

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‘Then Comes Marriage’ RTE 2 -my take!

‘Then Comes Marriage’ I don’t know if many of you have been watching this programme on RTE 2. Three couples are brought together over a weekend and their relationships are analysed by psychologist Allison Keating

A little bit of Paradise in Harvey’s Point, Donegal

When we turned the corner, the sun shone and glistened on Harvey’s Point Hotel, nestled among the trees. Two mute swans kept each other company among the rushes on the mirror-like lake; it was four

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Tired of your ‘old man’? Get a new one!

  GG has been given a make-over by the stylist daughter. She went through his wardrobe like a dervish and threw out (the local charity shop benefited) anything she thought was old, old-fashioned, dated, or

5 tips for staying happy and stress-free

  The pursuit of happiness can often lead to unhappiness, possibly because we all have some vague notion that happiness is bound up with material things and money and success. Nothing could be further from

Are you sale savvy or sale foolish?

You either love or loathe sales shopping and I am a member of the former category. I love a good bargain and I am easily lured in by the SALE sign. And this year I

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A pure treat to make you feel like Cleo

Cleopatra and I have much in common.  I did date an Italian for a short time but it’s not that, so you will have to read to the end to find out what it is.

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Kildare Village- shopping mecca for discerning bargain hunters

  It’s not often I can persuade the stylist daughter to come shopping with me; she is always too busy, you see. So when she offered to take me shopping in Kildare Village (in a

Sixty is the new 40!

I have been celebrating all year, celebrating turning 60. It started with a wonderful cruise of the Baltic with good friends, which I wrote about back in June. It  continued with a '60s and '70s

A special love affair like no other

  I never thought I would be a besotted granny! I like babies (well, I had two of my own) but I was not the type that stops stranger mums with prams and gushes about

Christmas sorted at The National Crafts and Design Fair

I haven’t been to The National Crafts & Design Fair for a few years and boy was I impressed by both the entrepreneurship and creativity when I visited today. There are over 500 of Ireland’s

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Cosmetology not plastic surgery best

Mirror Mirror Some days, when I look in the mirror I get a shock. When did all these lines and wrinkles appear?  Those of you who are regular readers know that I am seldom happy

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These boots are made for walking

Both of my gorgeous girls have had hectic years, in very different ways. The elder daughter Kirstin has been very busy getting engaged to Mark, buying and moving into their new home and then producing

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Galway Fashion Trail

Galway was where Graham (GG) and I first started going out, so it has a special place in my heart. I couldn’t leave him behind when I headed west for my first Galway Fashion Trail.

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