‘Style Not Age’ go Back in Fashion

We go back in fashion this month. Let me explain a little more. Sustainable fashion is very much in vogue at present and we are all tying to buy less and buy with longevity in

November 25th, 2019|Friends and Family, Home, News, Style & Beauty|17 Comments

Shakti Mats – Torture Devices or Health Aids?

I have to admit I was a little sceptical when I was sent a Shakti Mat to try out. For all intents and purposes, it looks a little bit like a torture device. 6,000 sharp

November 19th, 2019|Health & Wellbeing, Home, Lifestyle & Leisure, News|6 Comments

October Highlights and Christmas is on the Way

Where has October gone? The older I get, the faster time goes. It is not a myth. I can’t believe that it is November and that now Halloween is over, we are officially into Christmas

Prai Neck and Decolletage Products Pack a Punch

Have you heard of the beauty brand Prai (rhymes with Thai, by the way)?  A global skincare brand, it is the leading beauty offering at Marks & Spencer. And I was first introduced to it

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‘Style Not Age’ does My Favourite Autumn Trend

What is your favourite Autumn trend? Or do you have one? Even if you are not trend driven, it is impossible not to be aware of what is trending. I'm all for experimenting in the

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Ireland’s First Menopause Summit is a Huge Successs

‘The M Word Dublin’, Ireland’s first Menopause Summit which I attended 10 days ago, was an outstanding success. Hosted by Aisling Grimley (below right) of My Second Spring and Catherine O'Keeffe (below left) of The

Tips on what to bring when travelling to India and other Asian countries

A year ago, GG and I and four good friends had the most incredible holiday (well it wasn’t really a holiday; it was more of an adventure) in India with TDActive (the adventure wing of

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Review of Seavite Super Nutrient Face Products

You must be hiding under a rock if you have not heard of the Seavite brand as it has pretty well got iconic status now. I have not used them before, but was delighted to

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Style Not Age Does Autumn Florals

This month, Style Not Age embraces the autumn floral trend. Autumn is my favourite season. I love everything about it: the cooler days, the changing colours of nature and the darker evenings all appeal to me.

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The Elephant in the Room – The Menopause

I will be attending a MENOPAUSE conference - 'The M Word' - on Friday 11th October in The Radisson Blu St. Helen's, Stillorgan,  Dublin. This will be a chance for women to listen, chat and

The Lowdown on Taking Probiotic Supplements

WHAT ARE PROBIOTICS? They are live cultures of “good bacteria” that benefit our digestive systems and boost our immune systems. ‘Probiotics are micro-organisms (microflora) that reside in our intestine. They are good bacteria that keep

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Stylish Mondays Showcase Green

It is Stylish Monday time again and I am joining with my fellow bloggers in showcasing green. Green is one of my favourite colours and yet I have so little of it in my wardrobe.

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Water Filtration is Vital for Better Health

"Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink", Coleridge wrote in 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner'. We all know that water is essential for good health.  In fact, it is the single most important substance

Purple Reigns and Rains in ‘Style Not Age’

‘When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple With a red hat which doesn’t go and doesn’t suit me.’ Written by poet Jenny Joseph at the age of 29 in 1961, the poem

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The Quantum Health Analyser – Science or Science Fiction?

The Quantum Health Analyser sounds like something from a Science Fiction movie or TV series.  In fact, it sounds pretty scary. And when my physical therapist Andrew Smith of The Willows Clinic offered me a

How Work Stress made me Sick and Complementary Medicine Helped me Recover

Stress is one of the biggest problems in today’s world. Of course, we all have to deal with stressful situations at various times in our lives, but continuous stress can impact hugely on our health,

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